Google Adsense is far the best affiliate program on internet. Their some other affiliate networks you can use to earn some money with your blog, but Adsense pays more than most of them and it is very easy to implement. Even big websites like ” ” they use Adsense, so this proves to me that it is the best affiliate ad network online.

However, as a new blogger, you will need to create only one Adsense account and submit your website for review. Since the process of reviewing websites is manual, you will get a response from Google with in 5 – 7 working days. If your account and website have been approved, you will be in position to create ads and insert the Adsense codes on your blog and start making money.

It is that simple, however, now days, Google will need you to verify your account with a pin code, the only trouble i have had with this code, is that it takes 30 days to arrive to your address and some times it does not come, so you have to keep on requesting for that code. Though, for some countries, like USA, you can verify your adsense account with a mobile phone.

So what happens if your Adsense account is not verified?
1. Google will allow you to display Adsense ads on your website for a specific period as you wait for the PIN CODE to be used in verifying your account.
2. If you do not verify your account in a given period of time, Google will stop displaying adds on your website, or they will display charity non paying ads. This means that you will need to verify your account to get commercial adverts.
Why Google Rejected My Adsense Approval – Reasons for Rejection
  • Insufficient Content: If your blog has very little content, your Adsense account will be rejected. The main goal of Google is to associate its brand with content rich sites. Content drives traffic to your blog, so with little content, you will get almost no traffic, so it will make no sense for Google to associate with a thin content blog.
  • Adult or harmful content: If your content is categorized as Adult content or harmful content, Google will not approve your Adsense application. So make sure that you write good content which can be readable by any one. Avoid using abusive language or explicit images on your blog.I know of a friend who had created a website called ”” the content on his website was totally disgusting and harmful to the public, so Google removed its adverts but they did not cancel his account.
  • Failure to verify domain ownership. In many cases, hackers get access to websites, and they can as well take advantage of you and use your site to earn money. So Google will only verify website ownership via a domain name. If you fail to verify ownership of that domain, then your Adsense account will not be approved.
5 Ways To Get Approved For Google Adsense Account – On Instant
  1. 1.      Check your traffic source: If you want your blog to get approved by Google Adsense team, make sure that your main traffic source is organic. If your traffic source is not genuine, it will spark a red flag, that your intentions of using adsense are malicious. So at least, make sure that 50% of your blog traffic is organic. So how do you drive organic search engine traffic to your blog. (1) Create rich content which can be crawled by Google robots and other search engines. (2) Submit your site map to Google, simply open up a free Google webmaster account and submit your site map, this will help in quick indexing of your blog in Google. (3) Use keywords when writing your Content, do not over use them, but make sure that your content is keyword based so that it becomes easy for Search engine users to find your content. (4) Do not worry about page rank in the beginning, unless when you have a keyword based domain, page rank will work better when your domain name is a keyword being searched for. Put concentration on Good keyword based content, then you will get organic traffic.
  2. 2.      Apply with your owned domain:  It is very important to use your own domain, sub-domains are not good and you will stand 80% of being rejected with a sub-domain. You can register a domain name for only $10, then install a WordPress blog on it and create valuable content. When applying, you will be asked to verify owner ship of the website or domain. To verify owner ship of the website, you will have to download an HTML code provided by Google, then upload it on the server. Make sure you upload this code in the file of your blog. Then Google to your Google adsense application account and click verify. Also the age of the domain matters some times, if the website is new, they will consider many other factors to approve you. The only good thing about ADSENSE is that , after getting a verification for your 1st website, all the other websites or blogs you will launch will not pass through the same steps…Me I have added adsense on sites i have created in 3 weeks, but i make sure i don’t violate Adsense Terms.
  1. 3.      Provide quality content: Your content has to be good for both readers and search engines. Lets learn on how to make content good for both readers and search engines;
  • Make juicy heading. People are attracted to juicy headings. If you want to get a good example of Juicy headings, go to Create headings which will stand out in search engines and make people click, juicy heading also make readers stay longer on your website navigating and discovering more content.
  • Use graphics in your content. Readers will spend more time viewing images and info-graphics. You can use editing applications like Fireworks or Photoshop to create good info-graphics.
Search Engines:
  • Use Google keyword search tool – This will help you discover what people are searching for in relation to your niche. Son in this case, you will not write ghost blogs. Many times i have seen blogs with good content, but they get little traffic, because the content is not searched for in Search engines.
 4.      Site Navigation and design: The design of your site and flow will also count when it comes to approving your Google adsense account. In this case, you have to make sure that users can easily locate site links like ”Categories , Archive Pages ,” Easy site navigation will also help Search engine robots to easily find pages on your site. Make sure that all links are functioning well and check out for 404 error pages.
  1. 5.      Re-apply Carefully – Make sure you do not submit more than one application.  Google Adsense takes 5 – 7 working days reviewing millions of submissions. So be patient and wait for their reply. If you get a reply that your site has been rejected, look out for the reason and fix it. Then re-apply again.
Please Note: If you find the Above information Difficult to Get your google adsense verified, Use Phone Verification instead. see GOOGLE ADSENSE PHONE VERIFICATION

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