Accountlab Plus Basics

NOTE: We can install the AccountLab Plus script on your Webmaster Reseller account for a one-time charge of N5000.00.


Login to admin.php and click on “Main menu > Settings > Configuration”

Complete all of the information here, it is used in various parts of the AccountLab Plus system.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the field “Site URL” and “Absolute path” point to your current installation (No trailing “/”).

NOTE: You MUST set the followings in order to use AccountLab Plus:

  • Add at least one Server as default.
  • Add at least one Plan.
  • Add at least one Payment Method.



Add a Server

It is important that you add at least one server and have at least one server set as default. The default server is used to populate new customers, name server and IP.

Click On:

  • Main menu > Settings > Servers
  • Then (On Right Side) Click On Add New Server
  • After adding one server set it to be the default one from
  • Main menu > Settings > Servers

Server Name

  • We recommend you use the hostname of the server. However you can use a friendly name if you wish, such as “server1”.

Server IP, NS1, NS2

  • The IP would be the shared IP for the server, used for shared hosting accounts, NS1 and NS2 are the name servers you use for hosting accounts on this server.

Server Type

  • Choose from the drop down list of server types.

Server User

  • If you have a Cpanel, Plesk or Direct Admin server and are using this application to setup accounts on it then you need to input the username of the user accounts will be created under. This could be root/admin but a better solution would be a reseller username created in WHM or Direct Admin.

NOTE: In case of Plesk you have to give “admin” as the “Server User”.

Server Hash – Cpanel

  • If you are using this applications auto-create utilities, then you need to enter the hash from your cpanel server. This is obtained from within WHM from Main > Cluster/Remote Access > Setup Remote Access Key.

Server Hash – Direct Admin

  • If you are using this applications auto-create utilities, then you need to enter the password of the directadmin user you entered above.

Server Hash – Plesk

  • If you are using this applications auto-create utilities, you need to enter the admin password.

Server Hash – Other

  • Leave this blank.

Server Auto

  • Set to yes if you want to auto-create accounts on this server. Only has an effect on Plesk, Direct Admin and Cpanel servers.

Server SSL (Cpanel and Direct Admin only)

  • Only important if you are adding a Cpanel or Direct Admin server with auto-create functionality. If you set this to SSL the application will connect to your Cpanel/Direct Admin server to create accounts using SSL, much safer. However this will require PHP with CURL and OpenSSL built in, which is probably not standard in your PHP setup.

Add a Plan

It is important that you add AT LEAST one category and make it “visible” on the order page and also add AT LEAST one Hosting Plan (“Product”) or your order page will stay blank!

  • Click On Main menu-> Products -> Categories to add your categories.
  • Click On Main menu-> Products -> Products to add your hosting plans.
  • The Plan name must be the Package/Plan name as defined on your server.

Example: If user WHM username is “alpuser” and you have a package in WHM called “alpuser_Plan1” Then you have to set the Plan name (In AccountLab Plus) to “Plan1”

NOTE: While adding to AccountLab Plus the prefix of the WHM package name is not added. (i.e. only “Plan1” in where as the package name is “alpuser_Plan1”)

Add Payment Method

It is important that you add at least one Payment Method.

  • Click On Main menu > Settings > Payment Methods and fill out as needed.

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