Until a domain name is purchased and fully propagated, users can view their websites using a temporary URL which consists of a server IP address and a control panel user name. For example:


Please keep in mind that web hosting must be purchased in order to use a temporary URL.

Where to Find Temporary URL Information


For accounts that use WHM, the information needed to create a client’s individual temporary URL can be found in WHM by going to Account Information > List Accounts.


For accounts that utilize cPanel, the information needed to create a temporary URL can be found in two places. The IP address that is needed can be found in the lower left-hand side of your cPanel, listed as the Shared IP Address. The cPanel username that is used to log into your control panel is the same as the one you will need for the temporary URL.


It’s likely that mod_userdir protection is enabled for the user nobody (DefaultHost) and it should be disabled.

Login to WHM, click on “Security Center” then click on “Apache mod_userdir Tweak” and make sure DefaultHost (nobody) is checked under the excluded box, then click Save at the bottom and try again.

Originally posted on May 2, 2015 @ 6:42 pm

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