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FTP accounts are one easy way to get files to and from your  web hosting account in PhilmoreHost Server. In cPanel, you can create a number of FTP accounts for a number of different folders for a number of different reasons. You may need to give a designer only access to one section of your web site. You might even want to setup a separate login combination for yourself in a separate section of your hosting account. Here is how you can setup an FTP account using cPanel.

How to Create a FTP Account in cPanel

Step number one would be to login to your cPanel and scroll down to the Files section. From here you need to select the icon that is marked FTP Accounts, and click it. The top portion of the page allows you to add a FTP account, while a list of current FTP accounts is below that.

Add FTP Account

To create a FTP account, enter the information in the boxes.

  • Login: Enter a login, please note that the full login username will look similar to [email protected]
  • Password: Type in a 6-8 alpha-numeric password, and it should not include the user name.
  • Directory: The path to the folder they will have access to
  • Quota: You can set a quota (in megs) or leave as unlimited

The directory will default to public_html/login. If you wanted to grant FTP access for an add-on domain, you could change this to public_html/addonfolder. To grant access to edit the main web files you could change it to public_html.

Please note: FTP access will be limited to the folder indicated, when logged in they would not be able to go up one directory level. So if a FTP account directory is set to /public_html/example/sample/ when logged in via FTP the user would be in the sample folder, but would not be able to move up to the example nor the public_html folder.

After entering the information click the Create FTP Account button. This should take you to a page showing that the creation was successful and all the settings. If you are creating a FTP account for a web designer, you may want to copy this information and pass it on to them.

Account Management

These are the FTP accounts already associated with your web hosting account, and it shows the directory associated with the account, along with disk usage and bandwidth quota.

On the right hand side you will find additional options:

  • Delete – This will delete the FTP account. Please see the warning below.
  • Edit Quota – Change the bandwidth quota for the account
  • Change Password – modify the password for the FTP account
  • Configure FTP Client – Online help for setting the FTP account for Filezilla, CoreFTP, and Cyberduck (for Mac). Also below this are the manual settings.

Account Deletion

To delete a FTP account, click the red X to the right.

On the next page cPanel will ask for confirmation to delete the account with 3 buttons:

  • Yes
  • Yes & Remove All Files in /home/username/public_html/folder/
  • No
WARNING: Clicking the middle button Yes & Remove All Files… will permanently delete all files in the folder indicated. So if you have the FTP account configured for /public_html/ and click Yes & Remove All files… cPanel will delete the public_html folder.

To just remove the FTP account, and leave the folder/files on your server click Yes.

Originally posted on May 6, 2014 @ 8:57 am

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