Transferring Files

In order for your website to be visible on the internet, you need to transfer, publish or upload files to the server. We recommend your home page file be named index.htm, index.html or index,php.


All HTML files are uploaded to the public_html folder (directory) if you are using an ftp program. Your host is your actual domain name or your dedicated IP address.


You may also transfer files using the file manager in control panel. Your website files should go into the public_html folder.


Dreamweaver™ has its own built-in FTP program. Access Type is FTP. For Host Name enter your own website address (yourdomain.ext, not ftp.yourdomain.ext – replace yourdomain.ext with your correct domain name and extension (.com, .net, etc)). The folder or directory should be public_html.


If you are still using FrontPage™, we recommend that you consider another program now. FrontPage™ will not be supported on the servers much longer.

If publishing your website with FrontPage™, publish directly to http://www.yourdomain.ext (replace yourdomain with your domain name and ext with your extension (.com, .net)). It is required that you also include www. in front of the domain name when publishing with FrontPage™.  You will only be able to do this when your nameservers have propagated and you can reach our servers by using your normal website address. You will know if the domain name has propagated by typing your domain name in your browser address bar. You will reach a special page on our servers. DO NOT use an FTP program on a FrontPage enabled website. It will corrupt the FrontPage™ extensions. If you are experiencing problems publishing with FrontPage™, be sure SharePoint™ Services are turned off in FrontPage.

If and only if you have a plan with a dedicated IP address you can also can also publish directly the IP address although once your domain name has propagated we recommend changing that to the actual domain address as above.

Microsoft is no longer updating FrontPage™ but has replaced it with Expression Web™. One function that a lot of people liked about FrontPage™ was the ability to easily build forms. An alternative is to use a PHP script like  James Huggin’s script. We use a custom version of the script. It is extremely well documented and compatible with our server software. If you use it and like it, we highly recommend you make a financial contribution. Get your free copy here.

Originally posted on September 16, 2014 @ 11:52 am

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