These are the steps from migrating wordpress to joomla

  1. Backup everything in your WordPress site (Manage -> Backup) and save it on your computer. (If you haven’t backed anything up before, you may need to activate the plugin in WordPress.)
  2. Install Joomblog in Joomla! (1 com, 1 bot, and 2 mods)
    *** If you’ve been using JD-Wordpress in Joomla!, then skip to step 6. ***
  3. Install JD-Wordpress in Joomla!
  4. In phpMyAdmin, import the WordPress backup (from step 1) into the database that Joomla! is using.
  5. Under Components -> JD-Wordpress, go to Manage -> Categories, and make sure they’re in a category. If it says “Uncategorized” but is not linked to a category called Uncategorized, then it’s not categorized. If this is the case, Manage -> Categories and make sure you have categories created. Then, Edit each post, select a category, and Save. There’s probably a script that could be written for phpMyadmin, but I’m not that savvy.
  6. Under Components -> Joomblog, select Import, and click on Import WordPress. *
  7. Once this is complete, look in Content By Section -> WordPress_Joomblog and you should find your articles.
  8. Now is the fun time of placing the imported content in the right Joomla category and editing each one to clean up any mess the switch left behind.

change my language file to UTF-8 to make old posts show on Joomla

wordpress converter
There is a tool where you can import your WordPress entries as articles in Joomla

1)Download your web site and Save the .xml file as wordpress.backup.xml
2)From WordPress Converter;Select WordPress Backup and browse your computer for the WP xml file, this is the file that you ve saved at Step 1 under the name: wordpress.backup.xml
3)3. At the “Save to” tab browse where you want to put the migrated WP xml file to a Joomla sql file, for example: wordpress.backup.xml
You should save this file with the .sql extension. For example we saved it as joomla.sql at C:/joomla.sql

Originally posted on September 27, 2014 @ 12:08 pm

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