How to remove home link bottom on blogger – My tracking tool noted a lot of visitors enter to this blog using remove home link bottom blogger keyword, remove home link on blogger, get rid home link blogger, and other similiar keywords.
What is stated is probably a home link as following:

blogger home link

If true, it’s very easy to remove that home link. There are lot of techniques to remove home link on blogger, one of the way is by using a technique with CSS code display: none; or straightaway to remove the home link code in body template code.

Remove home link bottom on blogger

Technique we are using now is entering the CSS code, the following steps:

  1. Please login to blogger using your ID
  2. Click Design
    blogger design
  3. Click the Edit HTML sub menu
    blogger edit html
  4. Do the back up for your template first then click Download Full Template
  5. Find this following code (it just an example by using template called Simple)
    .blog-pager {
    background: $(paging.background);
  6. Put the CSS code: display:none;, then the code will be as follows:
    .blog-pager {
    background: $(paging.background);
  7. Click Save Template
  8. Done.

Each of template code is different, however the CSS code below has to be made as standard because generally they are quite the same.

.blog-pager { ……..}

Give your comments if this techniques doesn’t work

Originally posted on May 8, 2011 @ 4:03 pm

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