Page optimization to get better ranking part 1

Most important factor on your website must be your content,having a quality blog or website means providing your visitors fresh and unique content that is relevant to your choosen subject,because content is king.If you have quality content it is more likely someone will link to you,getting you traffic,better page rank,more visitors and more important blog/web site.
Quality content = more visitors = more natural backilinks = better pagerank = better ranking. In this post we will discuss On page Seo factors like:-Interlinking your web pages-Unique content on every page-Unique Meta tags for each page-Proper use of H1-H6 tags-Proper url setup-Use of Alt tags and descriptive title on images-proper use of anchor text when interlinking-making sure that there is only one version of page available-proper use of rel=”nofollow”-Making sure your code is valid

Interlinking your pages means that you have to set up navigation on your web site correctly so any web page on your web site can be accessed from any other page.This is important so users as well as robots can reach every single web page on your web site.

Unique content is very important,if you have indetical content on different web pages you can even get penalty for duplicate content,so keep that in mind!

It is best if you can set up unique meta Title and Meta description for every single post or web page,if you are using blogging platforms like blogger you will probably need to make code tweaks in template code to make this work.There are many tutorials on how to do this.

Headlines on web pages should be put in code tags like tags like this <h1>Big Title</h1>,it is advisable that you have only one h1 title.In pratice the minimum you should use would be one h1 tag for main title of your web page or blog and h2 for any small titles. The proper use would be to use h titles in hierarchy like this(Html example):


<h1>Big Title</h1>
<h3>1.1 Title</h3>


<h4>1.1.1 Title</h4>


Originally posted on September 15, 2011 @ 12:27 pm

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