This Site offers you basic tutorials on how to improve your blog quality, search engine rankings and how to get more visitors.By following our tips your blog or website can become search engine friendly.
You have to note that optimization for search engines is long process that take lot of time and effort,but your website or blog will show some amazing results over time.

Page optimization to get better ranking part 2

Picking the right domain or in case of blogs subdomain is one of the most important factors of having sucesfull blog,if you can afford,it would be best to have paid domain name like .com .net or .org.Those domains from my experience rank better from free domains and other paid domains(note that this is my subjective opinion and don’t have to be true).Anyway which ever domain you choose make sure that first part of url is your keyword(if possible,best would be if you can take url like or most single keywords have lot of competition and you will hardly beat web site that have been on first place of search engine for ages,try to pick longer url and keywords,or concentrate on one are of main keyword(example: if you want to write about games,it would be better to concentrate only on action games and make those your keywords).Sometimes picking longer urls and phrases/keywords can get you very high in search engine results with reasonable amount of vistors.

Using descriptive names and alt tags when you put images on your web page or in post is very important.It can get your web site better overall ranking because of extra keywords in the description and name of if you have a gaming blog/web site and you put picture of action game on it it would be best that you name it action-game.jpg instead of DSC10345.jpg.This way you can get extra traffic trough Google Image search.

Since robots cannot read images they rely on name and alt tag and text around image to get idea what is displayed in image.If you put good relevant description in images,your images will rank better in image search and your blog overall ranking in search results will improve.

Example of using alt tag(HTML):

<img alt=”In the sky flies a red flag with a white cross whose vertical bar is shifted toward the flagpole.”
     width=”180″ height=”135″ />

Proper use of anchor text can be hard to coordinate,when you link your web page from another page on your website make sure you put anchor text that best describes it,it’s hard to explain so i will show you on example(HTML example):

This would be ok:

<p>Check out our new <a href=””>Action Game</a></p>

This would be wrong:

<p>To check out our new Action game <a href=””>Click Here</a></p>

In this good case our example page would be linked with keyword “Action Game” which will give it overall better ranking in search engine results,while in the wrong case our example page would be linked with keyword “Click Here” which would be useless to improve your ranking.

If you have blog on subdomain like .blogspot or on free domain you probably should not worry about next problem but if have paid domain,you should resolve this ASAP.
When you buy domain it can be acessed trough two different addresses: and,you have to choose one of them because it can cause alot of damage.First of all robots can crawl both versions and figure out that these two are identical web sites and you can get penalty for duplicate content,second problem is that some people might link to www version and others to non-www version so your rankings will get SPLIT in half between these two versions of site and neither will rank good in search results.Thats why you have to set up 301-redirect from non-www version to www or vice versa.You can read details on how to do this at Fresh promo 301-redirect.

If you must put link to some suspicious sites it is best to use rel=”nofollow” because bad website neighborhood can hurt your rankings.

If there is something wrong in your code(even if site looks normal) it can make robots unable to crawl it correctly.So you might want to verify that your web site code is correct at W3C Validator

Originally posted on September 15, 2011 @ 12:30 pm

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