What is an SSL certificate, and why do I want one?

An SSL certificate allows visitors to communicate with your websites over secure connections—for example, to submit credit card payment information.


What is this interface for?

Use this interface to purchase and install SSL certificates for your account. Note that multiple domain names can refer to the same website. For example, domains that you configure in cPanel’s “Aliases” interface will refer to your account’s primary website.
We recommend that each SSL-secured website have a certificate that secures all of the website’s domains.

For more information on this interface, read the documentation.

How to purchase certificates directly from your cpanel account

The interface organizes all domains on the account into website lists.

To purchase a certificate or certificates for domains on your account, perform the following steps:


Select the domains.

Select the checkbox next to each domain name that you wish to add to a website list’s certificate.

  • If a certificate is pending for a domain or website list, the interface will not allow you to purchase another certificate for the domain or website list until the system downloads and installs the certificate.
  • Select the checkbox at the top of a website list to add all of its domains to the certificate.

Your server will attempt a Domain Control Validation (DCV) check of each domain that you select.

  • Green domains with a checkmark pass the DCV check.
  • Red domains with a blue warning triangle fail the DCV check. The interface will display the error message below the domain.
  • Certificates purchased through the cPanel Store automatically include each domain’s corresponding www. subdomain for no additional cost.

The interface will not allow you to purchase a domain for a website if the list contains a domain with an IP address that does not resolve to your server.

  • To remove a domain from a website list, deselect the appropriate checkbox.
  • To remove all domains that did not validate from a website list, click Remove all domains that did not validate.
  • To add a domain back to a website list, select the appropriate checkbox.



Select the certificates.

Click Continue to display a list of certificates that are available for purchase on that website list. Select the desired certificate for each website.

  • The list of certificates depends on the certificate providers that your hosting provider selects for the cPanel Market.
  • The interface displays a price for each domain on a certificate, and displays a description when you select it.
  • The interface displays an order subtotal in the upper-right corner of the table.

For each selected Extended Validation (EV) certificate, the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Confirmation interface will appear.

  • Perform any necessary changes to the information in the CSR text boxes and click Continue.



Add certificates to cart.

Click Add to Cart to add a website list’s certificate to your shopping cart.

  • If you need to make any changes to the domains in a website list or select a different certificate, click the appropriate green edit button and make your changes.



Log in to the cPanel Store.

Click Checkout to proceed to the cPanel Store.

Log in to the cPanel Store with your cPanelID (cPanel Store, cPanel Support, or Manage2) account.



Confirm the shopping cart contents.

Your server will upload your shopping cart to the cPanel Store, and your browser will redirect you to the cPanel Store interface.

  • The left side of the interface displays your desired certificates, their cost, estimated tax, and the total price.
  • The right side of the interface displays your payment information and options.



Show me the money!

Confirm your payment information, or make any necessary changes.

Click Pay Now to purchase the certificates in your cart.

  • Click Pay Now to confirm that you wish to purchase the certificates, or click Cancel Transaction to cancel the transaction.



Return to the cPanel interface

The cPanel Store will process your purchase, and your browser will redirect you back to the SSL/TLS Wizard interface.

Click View Pending Certificates to display a list of certificates that you have purchased.

Originally posted on May 8, 2016 @ 7:17 pm

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