There are many ways to increase the visitor number to your blog, and one of the effective ways is from forum. Need to know that A Forum is not only a place for a discussion or information sharing but also a place to add relationship in business and to bring in the potential visitors to your blog or website. However, you still need to do the efforts to make a forum as the best place to drive more traffic to your blog.
At this opportunity, Blogspot Tutorial tries to write some Tips to successfully bring in visitors from forum in Kang Rohman version. Below are the tips to consider:

  • Find out the famous forums and with many visitors or members, especially, the forums with hot topics related to your blog or website.
  • If you are a new member, please behave well to the previous members in the forums. Do not be arrogant, and don’t think you are as smart as them because you might be excommunicated.
  • In the introduction room, try not to directly place a link to your website or blog and invite the members to visit it. E.g. “Hi, how do you do, I am Rohman and please take a look at my blog here”. That does not impress so much even seem to be a spam message and it seems you only need the high traffic from the forums, not to discuss or share information. Usually the members don’t like the way.
  • Please be active to follow any discussion in the available topics so you become famous in the forums.
  • Create an interesting signature, commonly available in the profile panel. If it does not break the rule, you can create the link to your blog or website but not too many because it can be considered the spam, and may result in banned account. If your signature is banner, please create the small banner in order not to disturb the space or page because the members and admin usually don’t like it. However, there are many forums providing the fixed banner size so you cannot upload the bigger banner.
  • If your membership is long enough, you can create your own topics, which are interesting for the other members, such as the topics about “Tips to increase alexa rank” (If the forum is about the internet).
  • If the topics you write are the tips, just write the tips in complete, don’t break it into peaces such as “To increase the alexa rank is not difficult, please read the tips here at”. Such a thing, again is not good in a forum. It seems that you just seek the traffic. A complete writing is more possible to read than you ask other people to read with the short words. And if the writing has the best quality, it must be read by many members and commented such as thanks comments, credit comments, support comments, etc. If there is a question about your post, please answer well and correctly. Your good answer will strengthen that you are really a potential person so that when you create a topic later, other members will be completely interested in your topic. One link in your signature seems to be enough to represent your website or blog. Or if you want, you can write the link at the end of your post, not at a cut post.
  • Do not be too eager in replying a post. Please give the chance to other members to discuss it. Finding the right time to reply is wiser.
  • Instill a good impression first of you, don’t be a spammer, don’t be detractor for other members, and so on at negative values.
  • The unique, special, and useful topics should be your consideration and though about.

Happy trying!

Originally posted on May 8, 2011 @ 2:49 pm

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