Here are the steps to migrate a customer from a plesk 8.x (yeah, pretty dated) box to a cpanel 11.3x box.
Info about our transfer:

Source server:
Source account owner: siteuser
Destination server:
Source server (plesk)
1. SSH into the source server and become root
2. To find out the account owner, just see who owns the files in their /home/sites/ directory.
3. cd into the home directory and run the pkgacct command calling the username that owns the account you want to xfer.
1# cd /home
2# /scripts/pkgacct siteuser
4. When that completes without error, move the file to the destination server using scp

1# scp /home/cpmove-siteuser.tar.gz [email][email protected][/email]:/home/
2(enter root’s password if you’re not using keys)
Destination server (cpanel)
1. SSH into the destination server and become root
2. cd into /home and run the restorepkg command calling that same username to create the user and complete the migration
1# cd /home
2# /scripts/restorepkg siteuser

After this runs, you’ll see that everything for that user has now transferred over!
Things that are handy to know:
1. If the user’s account is huge, and perhaps there’s not enough room on the server, you can run the pkgacct command with –skiphomedir flag:
1# /scripts/pkgacct –skiphomedir siteuser
Things to check:
Database names may now have different names on the cpanel server depending on your configuration. Instead of ‘databasename’ it may now be ‘siteuser_databasename’ or something similar.
Run through the site – make sure all of the client’s pages come up how they’re supposed to – there may have been some special settings in the plesk php.ini or other configuration file that you’ll have to now do on the destination/cpanel server.

You’ll also feel better about yourself because you did it via command line, saved some time.. and can get on with something else now.

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