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How do I remove the Powered by Blogger from my Blogger blog?
In order to remove you will need to edit the blogger template and delete the attribution widget.

Please backup your blogger template before you make any changes to it. This helps to revert back to the original template when something goes wrong while editing your template. The steps for backup and restore are discussed here in detail.

Steps to remove the Powered by Blogger text from your blog:

Add a gadget in Blogger step 1

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard. Click on  Layout. Click on the Page Elements tab for your Blog.
2. Click on Edit HTML and select the Expand Widget Templates checkbox.
Edit blogger template to Remove powered by Blogger

3. Search for Attribution widget.

Remove the selected code from your blogger template carefully.
4. Press the Save Template Button.

Originally posted on April 23, 2011 @ 5:36 pm


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  2. Go to 'edit html' in your design tab.

    Find the word 'attribution' (ctrl + f). In that line, it will say 'true', just change that 'true' to a 'false' and save your template.

    Then go to your 'page elements', scroll down to the 'attribution' gadget and edit it. Then all you have to do it hit the remove button.
    The simplest way and worked for me.

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