Adding Slideshow to your blog can be a fun way to draw visitors or to promote your art or photography for a business blog. Here’s how to add one to your site. Note that as of today, Jan. 15, 2008, there are still bugs in the Slideshow program; but read on for some suggestions for overcoming those bugs. They’re easy and work like a charm.



Things You’ll Need

  • Computer and Internet Access
  • Photos in Photobucket
    • 1
      Log on to your Photobucket album.
    • 2
      Create a “subalbum” (if you haven’t already) by uploading photos that you’d like for your Slideshow. Note– do not choose the “create a Slideshow” option in Photobucket.
    • 3
      Keep your Photobucket page open for later use.
    • 4
      Log on to Blogger in another window.
    • 5
      Go to “Dashboard.”
    • 6
      Click “Layout.”
    • 7
      Click “Add gadget.”
    • 8
      Click “Slideshow.”
    • 9
      Title your Slideshow and then choose “other.” Keep this window open.
    • 10
      Go back to Photobucket and at the bottom of your “subalbum” in the left hand corner it will say “public feed” and “album feed.” You want to right click on “album feed” to open it in a new window. If you click on “public feed” it will create a Slideshow of all of your Photobucket images.
    • 11
      Copy that URL.
    • 12
      Go back to blogger and paste that “subalbum” feed address into the box that says “feed.”
    • 13
      Preview the Slideshow.
    • 14
      Save changes. You’re done.

Originally posted on June 5, 2011 @ 9:12 pm

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