When logged into WHM you see that quota for all account has been reset and does not show the allocated and used disk space. When updating fixquotas on the server, you get a message something as below.

edquota: Quota file not found or has wrong format.
No filesystems with quota detected.

To fix this, you have performed the steps below on the server via SSH. Login to your server with root user. Execute the commands below. This will re-assign the quote for the account depending on the packages assigned.

# touch /home/quota.user
# touch /home/quota.group
# chmod 600 /home/quota.user
# chmod 600 /home/quota.group
# quotacheck -acugvm

Once done, perform the fix quotas script again.

# /scripts/fixquotas –force

Now, the quotas should be displayed properly for all the accounts. You can perform the above steps if you lease a VPS hosting OR linux dedicated server

If you face any issue with our cPanel shared hosting account, contact our friendly support team. They will fix it for you.

Originally posted on March 31, 2018 @ 10:21 pm

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