Ok .. in this brief discussion, we will discuss how to create a “read more” directly by clicking on its icon,, when we make a post, usually icon “read more” is in the menus where we make a post, images iconnya like ‘a torn paper’,,,

 like the image below :

ok …

1. The first log in to your blogs,
2. click new post,,
3. make the articles you want to show the in blogs veranda,,
4. after completion,, determine the position of “read more”,,,(by way of directing the mouse),,,
5, click the image icon above (which like ‘torn paper’) .

results as shown below:
pieces of the above articles, will be displayed on the porch of  blogspot,,, and the piece below will be displayed, if we choose or click on the article ….

then click publish post, look at the results,,,

Originally posted on May 14, 2011 @ 6:26 pm

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