What Is TrueCafe?

Manage and Automate Internet Cafe and Game Clubs.
Attention Internet cafe owners! Save time on billing. Save money on software licensing. Save on electricity bills. Increase your earnings by offering printed tickets and gift certificates. Earn more with time rounding. All that and much more in a single, compact package!
Internet cafes and computer game clubs are very common and extremely popular in these days of powerful computers, inexpensive broadband connections and affordable Internet traffic. The clubs offer their customers a valuable benefit of being able to connect to the Internet from whenever they are when traveling. Local residents enjoy the ability to play multi-player computer games with live humans.
If you are the owner of such an establishment, you have already learned about the many issues that typically arise in shared-computer environments, billing and license management being just a couple of them. TrueCafe by http://www.truecafe.net offers a complete and convenient solution for exactly these problems.

How do you admit visitors and account for the time they spend on a computer? If you hired someone to keep track of the time and computer usage, you might be paying for unnecessary work. TrueCafe eliminates the need for the extra work by providing completely automated time tracking and accounting. The TrueCafe product automatically locks the computers, and automatically unlocks them when a properly paid unlock code is provided, locking them once again when the time expires.
If your Internet cafe or game club is a popular destination, you may want to consider the time-rounding practice that is widely employed by cell phone and long distance companies. You can both create time codes for any length of time, or print and sell pre-paid vouchers for pre-defined amounts of time, making it an easy option to increase your earnings with the rounding of unused time.
With TrueCafe, your accounting becomes clean and easy. You set the going rate, and your visitors are charged that exact rate automatically. If you provide a printing service in your establishment, TrueCafe will monitor all printing and bill it accordingly. At the end of the day or at any moment you need it, TrueCafe will generate and print a well-formatted, comprehensive report.
Do you want to start with little initial investment, buying only a few expensive PCs and equipping the rest of your access points with a number of cheap ‘thin clients’? TrueCafe saves you money by fully supporting Windows Terminal Server and NComputing devices such as L100, L200, and X300.
Have you heard that gift certificates are an easy way to increase the revenue of practically all types of establishments? With TrueCafe there is no need to order your gift certificates from a business depot! Instead, you can easily print them right from your computer with the added convenience of being able to track their actual usage.
If you own a game club, offering your visitors an opportunity to play multi-user computer games, you must typically purchase licenses for all of the games that would cover your particular use. But did you know that in some cases you don’t have to purchase separate licenses for every terminal? Many companies allow you to get a license that only limits the number of players using the game at the same time. This opens an opportunity to cut down your licensing expenses by paying for just the number of licenses to cover simultaneous game play instead of paying for each computer in your establishment that has a game installed. TrueCafe delivers effective license key management and saves your money.
With today’s energy prices, power bills can be a big surprise if you have a number of powerful computers running all the time. TrueCafe offers an easy and automatic way to cut down those bills and help the environment by shutting down unused machines after a pre-defined period, and switching them on again once a visitor purchases a time code for that computer.
With so many ways to increase your earnings and cut down expenses, TrueCafe is literally a steal at under a hundred dollars. Deep discounts for multiple terminals make TrueCafe one of the most affordable options on the market. Download your free evaluation copy at http://www.truecafe.net/download.html and start seeing your revenue grow!

Originally posted on February 12, 2012 @ 1:52 pm

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