Once you’ve set up your blog using Blogger, you can add posts in a variety of ways. These are the 8 options to try.


In Blogger (the normal way)

In blogger, click the Posting tab and then click the Create link. Enter your title and your body and then click the Publish Post button.


From Google Docs

1. Open a Google Doc document and enter the desired message.
2. Pull down the Share menu to Publish as web page.
3. Click the Publish to blog button.


Via iGoogle

1. Find the Blogger gadget and add it to your iGoogle page.

2. Choose the blog title from the pull down menu.
3. Enter the title and the message.
4. Click the publish button!


Email from Computer

1. Click the Settings tab and then the Email link.
2. Enter the desired mail-to address.

3. Go to your email client and compose your email.
Note – the email subject will become the title of the post, and the email message will become the body of the post.

Bonus! Attach a photo to your email and it will be posted in your blog message!


Email from Cell Phone / Mobile Device

If your cell phone (or any other mobile device) has email capabilities, you can easily add posts to your blog! (See the previous post “Email from Computer” to learn the basic steps.)

Here’s how it works on my iPhone:
1. I take a picture using the iPhone camera.
2. I click the Share link and choose the Email option.
3. I address the message, add a subject, type a message, and SEND!
4. Within a few minutes (maybe even seconds) the post appears on my blog!


SMS from Cell Phone

To learn how to “text” your blog entry, follow the instructions here:http://www.blogger.com/mobile-start.g


Using Jott from a Cell Phone

Jott will convert your speech to text and post it to your blog!

How to I get started?
1. Go go www.jott.com
2. Follow the instructions to create an account and add a Blogger link.

How do I post via Jott?
1. Call the provided number from your cell phone.
2. When ask what you want to blog, say “Blogger.”
3. Speak your message. (Limit – 15 seconds)
4. Wait to hear, “Got it.”
5. Hang up.

Within a few minutes, your message should be posted to your blog.


From Microsoft Word

Important note – I tried this on the “PC side” of my Macintosh and could not get it to work. After Googling it, it seems like I’m not the only one having problems with it. I’ll go ahead and leave it on my list — maybe you’ll be lucky and it will work for you. Please post a comment and let us know if it does.

Post to your blog from Microsoft Word! How easy is that? (Note – at this time this option will not work on a Macintosh computer.)

Go to: http://buzz.blogger.com/bloggerforword.html
Download and install the add-in.

This will add a menu item to Microsoft Word with options for: settings; opening posts; saving drafts; and publishing.

Originally posted on October 12, 2013 @ 2:25 pm

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